Why Fancy Hotels Are Better Than Car Dealerships


Have you ever been to fancy hotels in a city? I have and I can say that they are a complete flop. It is not like staying at home where you know the conditions of the room and you will be able to pick up any bugs from where you are sitting. You cannot see the sheets on the bed and you cannot smell anything because it is pitch dark. And the staff there are like ten times as rude and it is a complete nightmare.

These are only some of the reasons why I do not recommend fancy hotels. To start with, you cannot expect to save money there. The food is so expensive and the service is so slow and you pay the same every single time regardless of what time of day it is or where you are going to be staying. There are no promotional offers everywhere either so you really cannot expect to save money there.

However, let us look at the other side of the coin. Let us look at the advantages of having a good location. Let us look at the advantages of luxury hotels instead. For one thing, these luxury hotels usually give you the best service possible. The rooms are usually immaculate and the service is so top notch that you will never even think you are in a 5-star hotel. Of course, this does not come cheap because they usually cost more than the cheapest of all the other hotels.

Secondly, there are also many more options in luxury hotels. Whereas in cheap hotels, there may only be two rooms, in high-end luxury hotels there could be as many as nine or even 10 rooms. This gives you more choices and therefore better value for money.

Furthermore, there are also many more facilities and amenities on-site. In cheap hotels, you may just have a single bathroom and no on-site restaurants or super spiciness at all. You cannot do that in luxury travel.

But car dealerships have their own disadvantages as well. The first disadvantage is the same as in luxury hotels: the quality of the service. If you go to a 5-star hotel, you can expect the best service and a great experience. If you go to a 5-star car dealership, you can expect the same thing but maybe with less quality. Why should people go to a 5-star car dealership over the best 5-star hotel? Well, here are some reasons:

The quality of service is so much better in a 5-star hotel. Most people prefer hotels to car dealerships simply because they do not feel that they can lie to get a better deal from the hotel. People like to be taken care of wherever they are – that’s why they go to a hotel instead of a car dealership.

Car dealerships offer poor quality of service because they are only worried about making money and do not care about the customer’s experience at all. They simply want to be the first one in line and the first one to close. Now that is the way hotel hotels are, so it is really no surprise that the quality is not very good in hotels any more than it is in car dealerships.

The luxury of the experience is incredible, though. The service that is offered in a 5-star hotel is simply fantastic. Everything is made to be a high level of personal service. That is why people love staying in these hotels and often times will refer their friends and family to stay there as well.

Another reason why many travelers now prefer to stay in fancy hotels instead of car dealerships is because they do not have to worry about being stolen on the street. Car thieves target those who are in fancy cars because they are easy to steal. In hotels, they are too careful not to be targeted because they know that there are cameras everywhere and they cannot just break into the building and take off with anything. This can be very dangerous for travelers and for the owners of the fancy hotels because it makes their property much safer for everyone.

If you have never stayed in a fancy hotel before, you may be surprised by the quality and the friendliness of the staff at such a hotel. They are very pleasant and make sure that every guest is comfortable and even makes sure that they leave the house in a good mood. Even though they are called fancy hotels, they do not compromise on the quality of the rooms and the service provided. Many travelers have loved the quality of the service and the overall atmosphere of these hotels.