Review of Holiday Inn Express Hotels


Holiday Inn Express is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, a large global hotel organization. Originally launched as an “all-inclusive” hotel, their main focus has been on providing restricted services at an affordable price. They have branched out into several other niches since and offer more services than ever before. You will be very impressed upon your first visit when you realize just how friendly and helpful they are – particularly in helping to make your vacation fun and enjoyable. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Hotel Express in Columbus, Ohio.

When you are looking for a hotel in Columbus, Ohio, it is a must that you check out Holiday Inn Express. They provide excellent services and facilities that meet high standards. The hotel is centrally located in the heart of downtown Columbus, and is close to many of the important business districts as well as the central bus terminal and airport. It is right across the street from the Ohio State University campus.

The Inn offers mainly three types of suites: Premier Suite, Standard Suite, and Luxury Suite. All suites are well appointed with flat screen television, hairdryers, iron and steel appliances, coffee maker, refrigerator, coffee pots, tea pot, iPod docking station, security safe and microwave oven with grills. The Premier Suite is the top floor of the hotel and contains beautiful oak flooring throughout with hardwood floors throughout. The suites are also close to the elevator, stairway to main floor, terminal with direct flights, elevator to executive offices, Club bookstore and complimentary WIFI access. All of these wonderful amenities make this hotel a popular choice among both business travelers and leisure travelers.

The hotel is conveniently located just steps from the International Airport and is right off I-Ohio Street, which is Columbus’ main commercial street. Many visitors and business travelers fly into the airport for their business trips and stay at the Holiday Inn Express when they arrive. This is right off the I-Ohio Corners located on the west side of the airport. This hotel is conveniently located just steps from the International Airport and is right off I-Kent Street, which is Columbus’ downtown business district. This hotel is close to many of the major hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, bars and other attractions of the downtown area.

Another great thing about the Holiday Inn Express is that it has an on-site fitness center and a premium shopping center. The guest rooms offer king or double queen beds and comfy sofa or comfortable chair. All of the guest rooms have televisions with DVD player, VCR, cable television and Internet access. In addition, the on-site fitness center has free weights, machines, rowing machines, exercise bikes, and several options for weight-training. There are also several outdoor pool decks and outdoor fitness clubs for use by the traveling public.

The Holiday Inn Express specializes in suites for their guests. Suite packages include air conditioning, a telephone with voice mail, a microwave oven with oven space, a refrigerator with freezer, and a high speed Internet connection. The price for a suite depends on the number of nights you intend to stay and the number of people staying with you. In addition to the great convenience of having excellent on-site amenities and fitness facilities, the Holiday Inn Express also offers suites that have been designed with a focus on convenience and comfort.

The Holiday Inn Express hotels are popular because of their excellent reputation for providing exceptional service and accommodations. They are known for providing large size rooms, but at reasonable rates. The brand name is known not only for its large and wide variety of suites and deluxe rooms, but also for offering limited cuisine in its fine dining establishments. The brand also prides itself on being a family friendly hotel. All of the on-site amenities, including meeting rooms, restaurants, swimming pools and hot tubs are focused on the needs of the families who choose to stay at the Holiday Inn Express.

The great thing about the Holiday Inn Express is that it provides excellent value for money. For business travelers, this hotel chain is well worth the cost of rent. For vacationers, especially those looking to save on accommodation costs, this is an exceptional choice. They also have a reputation for offering excellent customer service. In short, the Holiday Inn Express Hotels are a great choice for business travelers and even for families looking to enjoy a comfortable stay on their trip. For anyone looking for an affordable accommodation option, this is the best brand to choose.