Hotels in the City of Bangalore


There are many cheap hotels in the city but one of my favorite cheap hotels in the city is the Grand Hotel Vietnam. The Grand Hotel is nestled in a lush green valley just off the main boulevard in Hanoi’s old quarter. The hotel offers two very nice hotels in the city, a Four Star and a Super Star which offer a more elegant and sophisticated atmosphere than the cheaper hotels in the city do. It also offers an outdoor pool which is nice during the summer months.

Grand Hotel Saigon – Vietnam The hotel sits proudly on the banks of the river and offers an unobstructed view of the downtown skyline. The riverfront staircase that leads to the hotel has intricate details and a beautiful archway display. The Grand Hotel is extremely classy and is a perfect place for a leisurely breakfast with a full glass of wine and a quiet meal. There is a restaurant that offers French cuisine and Vietnamese specialties which is a nice change of pace from the more authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Fairmont Hotel New York City – Battery Park New York City

Madison Square Garden – New York City The Madison Square Garden is near the world famous Broadway theater. This is the best hotels in the city for a glamorous and exciting nightlife experience. There is no better place to enjoy a dinner with friends and have a private clubbing experience at the same time. There is a great bar and lounge with great drinks and free wi-fi in your hotel room. There is also a complimentary shuttle service to the theater every night and you can take advantage of their exclusive private club experience at the same time.

Carlyle and Grand Hotel – Brooklyn is a vibrant city in New York State. You will feel it when you visit there. This is the best hotels in Brooklyn. Their location near the hip neighborhoods and shopping areas, along with having a very modern ambiance with a high quality restaurant and bar. Outside of the hotel there is an outdoor pool, tennis and basketball court and beautiful landscaped gardens. Inside the Carlyle is a very comfortable room with a free wi-fi and leather sofas.

Ritz-Carlton – San Francisco The Ritz Carlton is located near the San Francisco Ferry building. This luxury hotel has over two hundred premium hotels in the city and is regarded as the best hotels in San Francisco. The architecture of the hotel reflects the best in modern and contemporary design. Outside the front desk there is an outdoor swimming pool and a free valet parking.

Taj Mahal Hotel – New Delhi The Taj Mahal Hotel is a magnificent structure that has been designed by architect Zaha Hadid. It has one hundred and seventy rooms and is regarded as one of the best budget hotels in India. The hotel offers a lot of activities for children including swimming pools, a children’s club and a fitness centre. There is a separate car park for guests on the premises.

The Mayfair Hotel – London The Mayfair Hotel is a stylish building that can be considered one of the trendiest hotels in central London. It has been constructed over century old grandstands and is located near fashionable districts. The hotel features many trendy shops and is centrally located making it very convenient to the many nearby districts. The hotel features a pool, an underground restaurant, bar and lounge, conference room and meeting rooms. There are also many trendy shops in the surrounding streets.

Ashoka Hotel – Bangalore The Ashoka Hotel is another luxury hotel that is relatively cheaper than the average budget hotels. It has two hotels – a single hotel and a twin hotel – that provide all basic facilities to its guests. Ashoka Hotel has a spa and health centre, a library and conference rooms.

Taj Mahal Hotel – New Delhi Taj Mahal Hotel is another luxury hotel that is preferred by many business travelers. This hotel is situated a little away from the city’s commercial hub in South Extension. The hotel offers all modern amenities to its guests and is located in a good location. The hotel has been designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid. It has thirty guestrooms and there is a swimming pool.

Asha Vihar Hotel – Mumbai City One of the most luxurious hotels in the city Asha Vihar Hotel is a boutique hotel that was established almost fifty years back. The Asha is located amidst Matheran, a posh locality in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. This boutique hotel has sixty rooms and is known for its unparalleled hospitality. It provides its customers with excellent cuisines, international brands, rejuvenating spas and pools. The hotel is also famous for its extravagant lobby.