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February 22, 2013

NASA announces its work with cold fusion (LENR) reactors

YouTube Preview Image
and states that commercial reactors for domestic use will soon be commonplace.

Read the post on NASA’s Global Climate Change blog written by Bob Silberg of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

There are few write-ups and commentaries appearing online as well. Here is one from Forbes.

And here is a promotional video released by NASA:

February 21, 2013

MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium

Scientists from around the world gathered at MIT in 2007 to present their findings in the field of Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions, a.k.a cold fusion.

This video is almost 5 years old. The internet says that there are currently functioning devices around the world. The implications of that are the complete and total dismantlement the old economy. Oil, coal, gas, militarism, transportation costs, population distribution… To what length, I wonder, will those whose empires this breakthrough crumbles go to slow down or even stop this transition?

(Really intense soundtrack too.)

Cold Fusion Colloquium at MIT - Youtube

There is a class about cold fusion being offered now at MIT for its second year.

For more technical info, Youtube search for “Cold fusion MIT” or Google “LENR”


January 3, 2013

Negative-Kelvin Quantum Gas Stabilized in Lab

Quantum gas goes below absolute zero; mimicks dark energy and paves the way for negative-Kelvin materials and anti-gravity.

November 25, 2012

Eudea: A Technecovillage.

I’m introducing today, here at, Eudea; a wiki that aspires to help form an open source appropriate technology ecovillage: a technecovillage.

The vision is that of a testing ground for biomimetic and biomorphic design and fabrication, unified by pursuits of social and biological benefit, developing decentralization, automation and accessibility.

Essentially, it is a hackerspace on a village scale and an attempt to fuse the DIY/technological/maker movement with the arts, ecology and healing provinces of psychedelic culture:

Wiki-ville, maker-stead, hacker-habitat, tinker-town, and technologically-oriented ecovillage, Eudea will be a living laboratory for developing and prototyping affordable, accessible and replicable solutions to the challenges of food and energy production, economic and educational models, material scarcities, environmental accord, adapting to rapidly changing technologies and social landscapes, nurturing health and enhancing wellness.

So take a gander at the wiki, and feel free to register an account to add content or be included in a list of interested parties.

You can also keep up to date of any developments by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter.


November 13, 2011

Libya: The Real Story

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15 minute video report outlining the real story about Libya, Gadaffi and the “revolution.”  The facts appear quite different and much more logical when not distorted and spun by the pathetic mainstream media.

The Truth Is Viral – Libya: The Real Story

September 20, 2011

Heartbeat of a Black Hole

YouTube Preview Image

This video is based on recent findings made by astronomers using the Chandra X-Ray Observatory and the Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer of a pulsing “heartbeat” coming from the binary star-black hole system GRS-1915.

The link made to the famous Yeats poem “The Second Coming” does not reference the complex religious and historical imagery of this famous poem. Rather, it’s designed to evoke the violent rise of a cosmic monster, a black hole.

Here’s a brief analysis of the Yeats poem:

All around the universe, energy roars out of cauldrons of matter… in the form of winds… jets… shock waves. While gravity… pulling matter in, smashes and pulverizes it.

In the crucible of this epic conflict… our universe builds majestic galaxies…. stars that can shine for trillions of years… and planets that may well produce life. There are times, though, when these forces lock, and… “the ceremony of innocence is drowned.”

In the plane of our galaxy, GRS 1915 is a star with a black hole bound together by gravity. This 14 solar mass black hole is steadily drawing mass from its companion.

Two space telescopes…. the Chandra X-Ray Observatory and the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer… recorded pulses of x-ray light… one every 50 seconds. What’s causing this strange heartbeat?

Matter swirling into the black hole forms a disk that pushes in close to the black hole’s event horizon. Gas, racing around the monster this close is thought to approach 50% the speed of light.

Heat and magnetic energy build to a critical level. “The center cannot hold.” The disk erupts… blasting some inflowing matter back into space… at a rate some 25 times greater than what the black hole can swallow. This will go on until the star is stripped bare.

“The darkness drops again.”

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last…”

September 20, 2011

Thrive documentary trailer

This documentary appears to be an impressive and timely mash-up of fringe and esoteric memes such as exopolitics and free energy with key points of societal change such as the monetary system and sustainable living practices.
YouTube Preview Image


September 14, 2011

Fractal Dimensions Should Modify The Casimir Effect

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The effects of fractal dimensions could one day be observed if Casimir measurements can be made sensitive enough, according to theoretical physicist.

“One day”?  I’m pretty sure I sure I observed some fractal dimensions at a trance party last month.  But it would sure be pretty awesome if we could take a picture of them using scientific instruments:

Hongbo Cheng at the East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai [...] has calculated how extra fractal dimensions would influence the Casimir effect. This is the mysterious force that pushes two parallel conducting plates together when they are only a tiny distance apart.

The effect is caused by the maelstrom of particles flitting in and out of existence at the Planck scale. These particles all have an associated wavelength. If the gap between the plates is smaller than this wavelength, then the particle cannot fit in the gap and so is excluded. When this happens, the excess of particles outside the plates tend to push them together.

Cheng says that if the distance between the plates is about the same as the scale of any extra dimension, then this must effect the Casimir force too. In fact, he says that this force will be stronger if the extra dimension is integral than if it is fractal but that the exact nature of the difference is sensitive to the fractal degree.

Read more: arXiv

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